Friday, February 19, 2016

hope is a thing that roots

Even as I saw this and went to get the camera and then came back down the hill hoping I could pick this acorn out from the hundreds of others, even as I first noticed it, I thought, 'Hope is the thing with feathers.'  But of course here hope is a thing with roots, that roots.  Broken by winter.  Soaked by the chill of melting snow.  Here comes the sun.  Small chance of success.  Doesn't matter.  Take that next step anyway.  Root.  Persevere.

And this, this is wood, warmth, fresh bread whether no knead, corn, or biscuits and gravy.  This is the whole family working together even tho at diverse times perhaps.  This is community from how I got this horse to how I feed this horse.  This is, I remember those trees 25 years ago.  This is, we have a plan to get that road rocked again if we manage to pull it off littling along.  And this really is life to me, doing something I love with folks I love.  It is a real kick to finesse a 2000# beast doing something actually practical.

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