Friday, January 01, 2016

stranger in a strange land

We have made our own ceremonies, some combination of written in stone and subject to change.  And he stepped into that.  We did invite him to bring cards against humanity and we played that so that was new.  We had lots of crappy bubbly that is always surprisingly good (anyone else remember your parents going on a cold duck kick in the 70s?).  And we just went about our lives the way we do.  Although I did mop.  And Princess cleaned the bathroom.

He and I tied in cards against humanity.  He got to see how six people in a small place step around each other, always dancing.  How first person up starts the coffee and the fire.  How we work together and how we depend on each other.

We went about our party and he stepped into that.  He'd asked a few questions first.  "Where will I sleep?"  He didn't use the bathroom for a long time.  His little germophobe self only hesitated and cringed slightly when told to please let the dog clean off his breakfast plate so it will be easier to wash.  Bless his heart.  Seriously.  We watched as he examined the lifter then experimented with how it works and then he was good with stepping into feeding the fire. 

We look foward to when he is here to help with the hay.  We are all very impressed with ourselves the way we handle that little chore.  It takes the coordinated effort of four people, minimum, but generally any four of us can get it done.  He will be a fifth so that he can ease into it.


We have, of course, ruined our children's lives.

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