Saturday, July 18, 2015

the land of mañana

So, when we first came out here one of the first things we noticed was "the land of mañana".  When there wasn't an exact commitment as to when something would be done, mostly it wouldn't be.  Oh, it would be, but just eventually.  Not in any hurry.  Not displacing anything else.  One day.  Maybe.  If it ever made the top of the priority or interest lists.  Which at least felt like never.

And we were still jobs and town and thinking things had to be done.

But it didn't take too terribly long to figure out that there was just no way it was all getting done so what are we gonna do today?  Set priorities.  I think sometimes people don't actually have priorities because they just don't set their sights high enough and they get everything done.  If you are getting everything done, maybe something is wrong, maybe you really need to be more than that.

I've seen people stay in the get 'er done mode in life on the farm.  Eventually they either run out of time and energy, or they run out of money.

So the bull is one of those land of mañana things.  I don't even know how many years now we've talked about it, said we should do it, said we were going to do it.  One time we were going to pick one up and the truck broke down and I took it as a sign not to do it then.  So we finally did it.

So far so good.  But it has also been a very long time since I did something that I had only read about before.  But we have a good community to help.  He is cute.  He is drinking out of a bucket.  He's been dehorned.  He's starting to creep feed.  He leads reasonably and has met his herd.  He is polite.

So I guess mañana es hoy.

(If my dang internet connection actually worked, there'd be a photo here.  Maybe in the morning.  Nope not in the morning.  Rural electrification.  But now, that is part of land of mañana, no?)

So what does the new mañana hold?  Well, the possibility of lots of milk and butter and pigs and beef and perhaps a cow or two for other homestead milkers and who knows.   Who knows.

We need enough hay for everyone.

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