Friday, June 19, 2015

family farm fun time

It is a fun time of year.  Every day plant something.  Everyday harvest something.  It is a jungle, everywhere.  When you hear the thunder you hope it will bring rain.  You water some things, hoe some things, weed some things, try to keep up, never keep up.

Pintos grown as snaps.

the mess we got off that planting, first picking.  Those are savoy cabbages growing well.  The fresh Bt in the new sprayer has taken care of the chewing worms on those and all the other cruciferi.

spring beet bed protected by hay netting from deer grazing

and a beet

and a turnip --it is about time to plant seeds for fall beets and turnips and such

wild raspberries ripening -- the topping we went to pick for the goat cheese pie

purslane (and other weeds)

beans in the hard corn


the "extra" patch of sweet corn --those are weeds that just need to be hoed between the roes

potato patch

farmer in the hard corn

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