Thursday, May 28, 2015

same and others, as the year advances

Well, Uncle and the two doelings are gone. But other than the goats, these photos show advancement of the year from the last ones, plus some other things.

This is another thing:  a nest being sat.

the bees

can you see the line of the corn?



the same pea and onion plot



red cabbages and peas



well, it appears to be a mulberry tree.  We've planted several mulberry trees and none have lived.  This one volunteered so we'll see how it does.  We had trouble forever with raspberries until, duh, it occurred that they WANTED to grow on the other side of the garden . . . . 

the setter back on her nest

gratuitous cat photo

This is all the husband's doing by the way.  Including the cat.  His cat.   AND this evening there is a soft, sustained rain.

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