Saturday, December 20, 2014

the deserving and the undeserving

Someone actually said to me today, "If there were no mine owners, there'd be no miners."  And meant it.  I said, "If there were no slave owners, there'd be no slaves."

I'd further posit that this would be a GOOD thing.

When people in the slums of Lima have MDRTB, it is in the best interest of all of us (the privileged ones) to TREAT them, heal them, before the MDRTB comes to us.  Sure, we can PAY for treatment, and we PAY for research, and we PAY for doctors but just maybe that is a ponzi scheme.  Perhaps the slum people are really fueling the go round of the world, and not the powers that be?  Perhaps the women of Africa are really the hard workers who have earned their way in the world, and not the inherently rich CEOs?

Ebola is not out to get you you asshat -- your sense of your inherent worth is.  "I don't deserve this!"  Really?  What do you "deserve"?

Perhaps you are not so special after all?

Perhaps none of us is so special after all?

Perhaps black men, even if large, even if obnoxious, should be able to walk down the street without getting shot?  Perhaps a woman should be able to get an IUD removed without worrying about how much it will cost her?  Perhaps women on tropical islands should make their own crafts for their own ends without being asked to please the Americans?  Perhaps anyone who wants to should be able to get married?  Perhaps clean water should not be a commodity?  Perhaps your sexuality is your business, and your religion, and everyone else should butt out of it, and also, you should not shove it in people's faces?  Perhaps you aren't really worth what you cost the world?

The Elizabethan Poor Laws tried to distinguish between the deserving and undeserving poor.  Jesus said, "For the poor you will have with you always" (ok, on His part it really wasn't a prediction but a comparison).   But there is a huge difference in having an extra loaf of bread and being rich, and having 100,000 acres of wheat -- and *that* is a small comparison.  Let us make a comparison of the deserving and undeserving rich!

Hither world, thither world, all worlds are ONE.

So here is a new proposal:  Any business too large to be run as a proprietorship ceases to exist as a business and becomes a government activity for the good of ALL the people.

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