Wednesday, November 12, 2014

work vs. job, etc.

People need work.  People need work from the time they are two until they are two weeks from dead.

But a job is not work.  A job is a pimp, or a slave-master.  Oh, it might be work but rarely, oh so rarely.  Mostly it is something so you can do something else.  Which is ok.  Nobody's judging that.  Not that part of it anyway.  But a job is not work.

Find your work.  Your dharma.  And, you know, do it.  Although most people whore themselves to a job and fault anyone who won't.

People need family.  Family is who you are born to and who you bear.  Family is not who you pay minimum wage to to be a parental or child substitute.  Although truly that is the most so many people have.

People need community.  Community is who is around you, and who looks out for you -- like the hay guy who tells you your horses will be slobbering two years from now because they are planting red clover.

People need food that isn't adulterated and that comes mostly from their own hands.

People need water that isn't fracked so that you can easily turn up your thermostat and be warm.

People need to not be sent to wars for oil and call that defending "freedom".

"Security" is an illusion.  So are most of your problems.


Quit freaking consuming so dang much.

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