Wednesday, August 08, 2012

shaped by the light we let through us

 this is, I believe, the best piece of art I've seen this summer

 the dogs smell

the corn field looks a bit different, eh?  Notice the boy weeding there, that's how tall that stuff is, now tasseled and setting on its ears

 do you see the bean plant crawling up?  the white corn (hickory king) has ears set on at least 6 feet high

 I took this photo for Jim.  Remember how he took the sun shining through manzanita leaves?  I do.  When I saw the corn pollen making the shadows with the sun shining through the corn leaves, well, I had to try to see it with vision he lent me

 sunflowers (duh), but these were volunteers and came first and grew near the new strawberry bed and guarded it it seemed.  they grew from one volunteer that grew just inside the circle garden last year.

 strawberries blooming (and green ones)
 big max pumpkins

 the red corn (bloody butcher) was a little puny compared to the white and got a dressing of horse manure on the rows.

Joe-Pye Weed because I like it

Looking back at my last photo post:
* I should have taken a photo of the chicks, who are now chickens.  We had some raccoon issues, and some issues with them smothering each other as surprisingly BIG chickens, when the weather took a sudden cool snap.  They are making their way into the coop now. 
* The big cat, our oldest feller, has gone missing.  I miss him but he had a good life and who knows, he's been missing before and turned back up and he certainly hadn't been sick or ailing before he went missing.  
* All those little bunnies were long since sold, and the latest batch are now 5 weeks and we're keeping most of them to eat.  We want to spit roast two.
* We had a cheese party the other evening, breaking in to two of the first hard cheeses we put up this year.  Strong, certainly, but delicious.
* The goats are still milking strong, and the eggs have tapered off, and Bill long since went back home.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that the racoons got ALL the sweet corn that I was so looking forward to? that looked SO good, that was just magnificent?  ALL of it.  That was our warning to deal with them or lose the hard corn too.  We have been warned, and we just may have time to do sweet corn again.

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clairesgarden said...

i miss my garden, moving again in a couple of weeks so might get a couple of buckets and do lettuce and carrots maybe.... warm enough still for things to start, maybe too warm for lettuce.