Friday, September 02, 2011

cooking from the garden

You know how the froufrou chefs do it -- they go, "hmmm, what weird thing could I put with this other weird thing to make a taste sensation?".  Or something.

Homestead cooks have a slightly different technique -- "what's here and what can I make out of it?"  So that I knew I was going to have a side of summer squash with supper, and I pretty well knew I was going to saute it, but with what?  We love onions but didn't have many and they and the garlic were going into the main course.  We have an abundance of hot peppers though, so I picked a red cayenne.  Ok, there's that base note, and I'll seed it so it won't be so hot but still flavorful.

We were watering everything and weeding a little since we've had no rain lately and everything is pretty much just sitting there staring at us.  And as I watered, I gathered: some purslane, some purple basil, some sage.

And this is how the squash went:  pepper, summer squash, purslane, basil, sage, olive oil.

What I'm jonesing for now is really just a baked potato -- fully loaded.  If I could get the husband to dig some!


el said...

I'd listen to the husband: the garden is saying it's not baked-potato season.

Tonight on our table are shell beans and collards in bacon fat with lots of garlic, hot pepper and onions...paired with leftover beef stew. The wisdom of the garden is tantamount: dang, though, you just gotta turn off your tastebuds. I was hankering for chix pot pie but it's too darned hot.

Alcyone said...

I have some potatoes still. grin. OK, they aren't yukons but they'll do in a pinch. :-)

CG said...

we dug some the other day for fries. Mmmm. Our reds didn't produce well this year but the yukons did. Back to pontiacs next year for reds.