Friday, April 29, 2011

the good kind of harrowing

We broke the plowing up into three days. Today was our first chance since then to harrow. The spike harrow is totally cool -- light and easy to work and very effective. If you want more details and photos, go to May 2010 and you'll find them.

An aside, I think the husband should make an extra harrow or two and have them for sale. Not take them to the auction or anything, just have them available, because there might come to be a few more sane people looking for something effective. In that same sort of vein, I've been thinking about what sort of a horse I'd breed if I did such things. It ends up being "Justin Morgan had a horse" except modern Morgans are not like that -- it would be a saddle horse that could plow and maybe pull a log. Good temperament would be a priority, as would good feet (so it could go barefoot), and easy keeping too. I do not have the means or desire to be a horse breeder, but I do think of such things. People mainly breed to sell.

Anyway, it was beautiful, cool after the storms of a couple nights ago (such devastation very close to here), sunny, breezy. The earth smelled so good. And even the places where we were saying just a few days ago were "thin" under the plow were beautiful under the harrow. We'd hope to get yet more loads of manure on it this year.

The spring draft horse auction is tomorrow and I think I will go there and see about harrowing again on Sunday.

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Mr. H. said...

So glad to hear that you and yours are OK...we were thinking of you last night while watching the news.