Wednesday, July 07, 2010

back in the garden

Baby pickles are so cute, and it only takes them a day or maybe two to be ready to eat. Also, cucumber hunting is one of my favorite garden pursuits.

sweet corn and sweet peppers

Peas. Snap peas. Oregon sugar snaps I think. And yes, that is a poke plant in there too.

The spinach and lettuce may be gone but the chard is coming on strong.

A patch of purslane, mostly transplanted from the rectangle garden into this bed. We have bought purslane seeds before but the wild grows better. We just watch out when hoeing and transplant some of it out. Delicious raw or cooked and the highest green vegetable source of Omega 3's.

onions drying

One day's harvest of cucumbers of eating size, and the first crook neck. We had one volunteer plant each of crook neck, patty pan, and an Italian summer squash (has a long goose neck) and they are bearing now.

And the hopefully first musk melon. It would seem to be a very good year for melons.

Many days, probably actually most days, we spend some family time in the garden. Everyone can work now so a lot can get done in a short time as long as there is some organization. So the garden looks better and may well be more productive than ever.

We're still working in the rectangle garden. The potatoes were hoed and hilled and are just now blooming. The corn is knee high which is exactly where it needs to be, but most of the corn needs to be hoed and hilled. We have a few good rows of October beans in there, and some space still fallow too.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this for a couple of days and just have no words. Wish I did, but don't. All I can muster is that it hits me really deep.

Mickle in NZ said...

The garden is looking so good. It must be so rewarding for you all to get out working in it when the growth is so lush. I really like the look of your snap peas - how many make it back to the kitchen vs. those happily enjoyed right out there as soon as they've been picked?

I so enjoyed the sugar snap peas from my first vege garden last summer that I'm planning to plant many more (over succesive weeks) once we warm up towards the "down under summer".

Hope your water supplies are strong this season, and looking forward to seeing more photos of your healthy crops,

Michelle/Mickle down in New Zealand

the wild magnolia said...

Everything looks wonderful. It is so fun to watch things grow.

Thanks for sharing.

clairesgarden said...

the chard looks fabulous, I bought see and have forgotten to plant it...but it'll winter here so its not too late. I have some other winter veg to plant too, kale and some cabbage I think.