Friday, June 12, 2009

In the land of not make believe

the strawberry forest

falling down the gooseberry hole

and potatoes, hilled once then mulched

And in the land of what productive gardens really look like:
onions and spring cabbages amongst the weeds

and a favorite photo because so very much in growing in this -- an old lettuce bed about to be cut back for probably the last time, some bush summer squashes of various and sundry varieties, some young brassica plants of some sort, some cucumber seedlings, some volunteer potatoes (soon to be harvested), and probably other things too.

And in the land of good and plenty:
big onion forest

peas, peas and more peas (three beds of them going all the way back to the fence row)


blueberries in prayerful abundance

and a new perennial bed with . . . raspberries and yes, those are figs in those pots!

In the interest of updating from a month ago:
the chicks have grown a good bit.
We haven't lost any (knock wood) but a cat did claim a couple of wings. The cat is in lock-up and the chicks in the infirmary recovering.

this spinach bed has been completely cut over two or three times and is trying to bolt and still it tastes good.

And just because I like them:
the pillars of mercy and justice

a favorite hen named Snowflake

and because it really is important that a boy eat his spinach, and because this does it for him


Madcap said...

Lust is green. At least mine is. At least today. Or was that envy? Anyway, mmm. Looks GORGEOUS.

Mr. H said...

Inspiring to say the least.

Alecto said...

Yes, lust is green. These are wonderful - will mulch my potatoes immediately because they won the dirt war early this year (and I dug a bigger trench too!).I am also quite happy that I'm not the only one with leaves in my lettuce and other assorted things (except I did pull them all out this weekend). Is the spinach in a can a Popeye thing? Works for me.