Thursday, December 11, 2008

From October Actually

Look what I found! The software to re-size these so I could upload them! Here is what else is funny: I recently exchanged e-mail with someone I took a class from way back in college. One of the things I most remember him doing was absolutely rasping us for taking "snapshots" instead of "photographs". We were hiking across the Grand Canyon -- and according to him we were not to take snapshots. Well, baloney. I am not above taking the artsy craftsy photograph, that's for sure, and there are images that will stick in my head that I want to take, but snapshots, those are the staff of life, really.

And all places are sacred. Just sayin'.

So like I said, these are from October.

Every October there is a draft horse auction. It happens to be my social event of the year, and there is a man I see there every year who I grew up with: Billy, and he was the cutest thing back then. When I left home, he was a coal truck driver. When I ran into him again, he was a horse logger. When I ran into him this year, he said he'd quit logging since it had become just trading dollars back and forth (that is, it isn't something that you can make money at right now with the price of logs being what it is). So at least one of the other things he's doing is making harness. This one was his, for sale at the auction. I can't say that his taste is my taste, honestly. His dimples are still cute though.

I just liked this shot of three young horses sharing a stall, waiting for the auction.

This is a billy goat. Quite a magnificent billy goat. I also like this image. It was raining that day.

And finally, a tree full of turkey buzzards. They make the most amazing sound when thirty of them take off from the same area at about the same time. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Poachers had left a deer carcass to rot was why they were there. A little six point buck. My dog always brings the bones home.

Ok, photos on the blog again!


Woolysheep said...

Snapshots...photographs...either or. It depends more on one's talent for composition than anything else. Some folks can go through a bunch of rigamaroll to take their shot and it still come out crap. Others can point and click and produce something breathtaking. They just know something good to point and click at when they see it.

I love the buzzards and the goat.

CG said...

I'm finding a lot of things "precious" these days, in the sense of pretentious. I want to eat gourmet food made out of what we grow here, and see art that moves me not art that pretends to be important.