Friday, October 31, 2008

Werewolves of the Holler

Our Halloween: a ghost magician, an old timey witch with cloak, an elfin huntress, and Link; a pumpkin chocolate cake with orange icing and a chocolate drippy glaze, popcorn balls, black and orange jello, pumpkin soup, haunted sugar cereals for breakfast, and whole wheat sugar cookies colored and in shapes of ghosts, bats; a house full of decorations; jack-o-lantern carvings; hokey videos of the season; beer; adventures that you can't even imagine in your wildest imaginings, Wild Things sorts of adventures, except real of course.


laura said...

happy halloween...

J said...

Sounds as if there was a lot of fun going on.

Mickle in NZ said...

What a wonderful chocolate cake - I've found pumpkin is so yummy any which way, until you posted this -super srummy in a cake.

Confess still love pumpkin roasted the most.

Know you will be enjoying the woodfired stove, wish I had watched my Grandma's cooking more, especially her slow baked, utterly creamy rice pud. Must ask sister about the recipe (will then share - but Contrary G probably has one better)

Sending care and admiration (wow - your kids get to eat all that splendiferous ice cream!!) and sincere thank yous for sharing

Huggles and care from Mickle (and my beloved Zebby-cat) over here in New Zealand

CG said...

we finally finished the cake last night. I don't do rice pudding so please post a recipe and maybe I will! When I lived in GA, someone there did a bread pudding I loved with a mild sauce but I've never eaten like it and don't like other bread puddings so well. Those sorts of deserts are some of the best (and most practical) and unfortunately, I didn't grow up with them.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear CG

Grandma's rice pudding used full cream milk, short round type rice and a little sugar, and freshly ground nutmeg over the top. So wisj=hed I'd grown up with it but was not something my Mum cooked. Will pester dear sister over in London (UK) for more info - she lived with our Grandma for a wee while back when sis was 19/20. And Dear Dad admits his Mum(Grandma) made the best ever rice pudding.. Will pester sis and dad for info.

You have a wonderfully beautiful jersey cow there, Hope she stays well and productive.

Care and admiration, Michelle and my rescue type Zebby-cat in New Zealand

Word verifiction = decowego

Mickle in NZ said...

Hope you don't feel I'm pestering you - have sent baked rice pudding info to your CG-Yahoo email address. Happy cooking, your cooking is soo soo good.

Michelle in NZ