Saturday, September 13, 2008


my equine boys
I always love oddly framed photographs like the above.
the only kitten who isn't afraid
In fact, she loves it up there. She stayed until I was working on his front hoof then she walked to his shoulder and jumped down on my head.

a day at the lake
No, not a real lake, the TVA kind but only a hop, skip and jump from our house and, after school starts, delightfully deserted. This, among other things, has had me thinking about being a solitary soul.

not local but in season
Peaches actually can be local but these are not and this was not a good year for our own trees. The pies are fried pies which are biscuit dough rolled out, filled with fruit filling (this is peach), fried, dipped in sugar cinnamon. This sort of thing is what food is all about really.

So, are there lines for gas where you are? I hear there are here. Now just imagine life without unlimited gasoline for only 2 weeks. Now not only are the gas pumps empty, but the supermarkets are empty, and you can't get to work or if you can, there is no work to do because there is no gasoline. And everyone is complaining that someone ought to do something. Let me say now, that someone would be you.


Alecto said...

Two things (I'll go backwards). I don't know if we have gas lines because I haven't filled my tank in over a month and I do like that a lot. I suppose if I had to I could bike to the train and I like that comfort as well. And push come to shove there's the option of not going at all.

On the subject of being a solitary soul something occurred to me recently. We were talking about switching Au Pair programs because we're pretty much committed to two more years. We stopped cold at the idea of switching programs because we'd have to come up with three personal references who had been in our home with us.


We don't have any left.

I'm not sure how I feel about that yet but I do know it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain intimate relationships outside the family circle in the world we live in today. I have more significant relationships in the blogoshpere and that scares me a bit.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, alecto. I am still in touch with my old friends from school days (elementary through college) but I have much more in common with the people I read every day on the blogosphere.

I am enriched beyond anything I could have hoped for back when there was no Internet. I am daily inspired to strive, rise above (necessary) failures, keep striving, and keep growing.

There's so much good knowledge and valuable opinion here and on related weblogs, and it's nice to find truth in the sea of falsity that has taken over what passes for information these days.

Many of the points cg makes - well, there's just no arguing them. That's truth.

I do wish I could boast that whole "haven't filled up in a month" thing.