Wednesday, August 27, 2008

inviting those who woulda coulda shoulda

been kick ass bloggers!

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Alecto gave me this award (and didn’t I do good to actually get the graphic on here!) Thanks Alecto. And ok, it makes me smile to think that I'm your hero! and what you said about the blog is the most humongous compliment.

So, being one who never really follows rules and such, here’s what I’m doing: I’m giving this award to folks who I know WOULD be kick ass bloggers if only they would blog! Your very first post could be about what a kick ass blogger you are!

(if you really need the rules, see Alecto's post -- she followed them.)

Kmoo in his various incarnations -- Honey, you have something to say. Say it. No excuses.

MadCapMum -- I miss you. You were a kick ass blogger, and I enjoyed what we had in common and I enjoyed what we didn’t have in common. One of the things I love about blogging is these relationships and glimpses into lives often so unlike our own and still so kick ass!

Ish -- Ish used to blog but I don’t think she ever found her voice there. She is definitely NOT dazed and confused. But Ish, honey, you too definitely have something to say, and a wonderful unique voice, and I for one would really like to hear more of it. If I might be so bold as to suggest that you’ll find your ya-ya voice with your spiritual stuff, and we need it. Don’t hide your light under a basket.

JM -- this is a man who I’ve recently had some contact with after having known him long ago, when I was about 13 or so. Then he gave a speech on priorities that has always stayed with me and, I believe, kept my life on a waaay better track than if I had not understood priorities from a young age. You are not what you say -- you are what you do. Not “do” as in work, but “do” as in, what you do shows what is really important to you no matter what you SAY is important to you. In the few e-mails we’ve exchanged lately, he shows even more wisdom with years, particularly in dealing with difficult situations. JM was not a surface person and his not being a surface person inspired me to embrace my non-surface-ness. Which is another way to say, kick-ass-ness.

Winfred -- Winfred was the best human interaction trainer ever bar none. He always heard and acknowledged what was behind a person’s words or actions. He was able to cut through bullshit like you wouldn’t believe, and I learned so much from him. And I could use a refresher course. Please blog it Winfred!

You know, I'd also like to say thanks to all the kick ass people I've known in my life, the kick ass bloggers I've met, and the kick ass people who actually put up with me in the here and now real life too.


Alecto said...

I miss Madcap and Kmoo too. A lot.

kmoo said...

Eyem just so busy, busy, busy.

CG said...

Well, at least I've heard from everyone I nominated (except my SIL, what's up with THAT? Maybe she doesn't check her e-mail OR my blog anymore??? I'll have to call her . . .). MCM says she's doing well, and busy. JM says he says that we can go through this life and never know whether or not we made a difference so he's glad to know he did make that difference to one 13 yo. Winfred says he's glad I remember. And kmoo checked in here! I don't think any of them are planning on blogging just because of being bestowed this award, but still. Love to you all. And may I blog soon too. Goodness!