Thursday, July 03, 2008

Every Form of Refuge Has Its Price

I was cleaning stalls and thinking about another Our Way post when I heard this line from the Eagles’ song. And it struck me. Yes, every form of refuge has its price. Find your solace where you will; in consumption, in fantasy, in escape, in travel, in a sense of self-importance, in excuses, in money in the bank, in debt, in a lifetime of poor choices, and it all has its price.

Now, I’m not saying that this life, on the farm, our way, doesn’t have its price. What I’m saying is that it isn’t a refuge. What it is, is a haven. Peak oil might get my motor running because of the potential world wide change, but it isn’t why we do what we do. We did this long before that. We aren’t running away, we are moving, steadily, toward. We are embracing. We are choosing. This is what we want.

I was off the farm for a few days recently, something that has become exceedingly rare. So rare that when I got home my youngest child said, “Mom, don’t go sleep in the car anymore,” and I had to explain to him that although I had gone in the car and had stayed away for two sleeps, I had not in fact slept in the car. I tagged along to a horse show which has to be absolutely the most oil intensive thing but I had a real good time and so there I am on that one. It was only in my grandfather’s day that horses were real and every day, and that is something that I hold on to.

B on bit
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Ren said...

I think that's very important. Because it goes back to the "you have to die from something" and we shouldn't live our lives in fear of what-if's.
I want my farm regardless of what is happening with the world. I've always wanted it, but was willing to shove it away as impractical for too long.

No longer. But I may be stuck with a 3/4 acre suburban garden instead of a farm.;) For now.

Ren said...

Oh, and you look great on that horse.

CG said...

oh but that is not ME on that horse! I was just a flunky not-even-groom at this show. Maybe one day. Or maybe not. Either way it'll be ok.

Alecto said...

Well, you or not, I do think of it as you on the horse.