Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Way It Goes

It comes upon midsummer. It is weedy but we are not buried in weeds which is always a victory. Blueberries begin to ripen, and I scythed all around them last night. Gooseberries are almost done. And we had our first potato meal from the new crop.

New potatoes and peas in cream and garlic sauce, with a little cheese thrown in for good measure. With turnip & kale greens with turnips. And corn bread.

This is how it looked before we started cooking it.

In other news, well, one night the little brown goat who was brother to the crooked goat born a couple weeks ago was there in the field playing capriciously. The next morning, he was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. No body, no nothing. Must be a predator, and it must be big. We do live out here on the edge and even a donkey can’t protect from everything in a big wild mixed field. But that very night, the queen goat had a little girl baby. I wouldn’t have expected her to get pregnant in January, not this year with very little to eat, but she did.

And so, that is the way it goes. I milk in daylight both times. Midsummer.

Ok, a couple more photos that really go with that “our way” post:

The new potatoes and gooseberries as they were about ten day to two weeks ago.

And the pie I made with some of the gooseberries. There is a recipe for gooseberry pie somewhere on here, but this crust has coconut in it which was really good. I was just fooling around and was running short of soft wheat flour is why it got made that way, but mmmm.


Kitt said...

Oh, poor little goat. I suppose he made a fine dinner for someone/something. But yours looks better.

Sandra Dodd said...

Beautiful food photos.

CG said...

gee thanks. I like the one of it all laying out fresh from the garden.