Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spicey & Sweet

Aren't those beautiful? And husband had eaten half of them before I got the photo taken! Lots of salads and greens in the garden, and starting to get peas. Thankfully rain this May (there was none last May). Half the hard corn is in. We're a little late there but still ok.

And this was inspired by Alecto's challah. Pay no attention to the fact that it looks like whales mating or something. I obviously didn't do the "twist" right. Next time I'll braid it. It is whole wheat of course, and did fine. I used four small eggs instead of 3 big ones. And I added some gluten to the whole wheat. And I let it raise the first time about 4 hours, but the second time was much faster and sort of surprised me when it was ready so I'm not sure how long it was. Anyway, it is gone now already, my youngest having fallen in love with it so we ate it for desert. But the recipe's directions on twisting and birds were just horrible. I still have no idea what they meant. But it sure does taste good.

Those eggs in the background? A "new" nest, which means a nest we hadn't found until it had that many eggs in it, so we keep them separate since we don't know for sure how old they are, and we break them one at a time into a cup to make sure they are not spoiled. We have a lot of eggs right now. And a lot of milk. And I've been making things like flan, and this bread, anything that takes eggs. I notice how really good things to eat are so simple and use what is plentiful anyway instead of lots of rare ingredients. And they are usually pretty simple to make too.

Ok, all you folks with gardens, eat what's in them! Do not be saving! Do not give away, or preserve, or heaven's sake sell before you eat all you can possibly hold. Eat eat eat. And enjoy.


Kitt said...

Yum! You could call that "hug bread."

Trust me, I'll be eating my produce. If it ever produces. The peas are still only a few inches high. Every year I resolve to plant more, because most of them never make it farther from the vine than my mouth, much less into the kitchen.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Whales mating, too funny! Tonight we are eating pork chops, local farmer, a salad from the greens in our garden, rhubarb crisp from the garden. Easy and delish.

Oh yea, I heard if you set an egg in water, if it stays at the bottom it's fresh, stands up a bit older but still fine, floats pitch it. I hope this helps.

Alecto said...

I like the whales mating bit and I sure didn't get it about the birds either except I think it might have had something to do with making one long braided loaf and then makeing the braid into a circle. Maybe. Anyway, I just braid mine because that's the way husband is used to seeing it and also because it makes breaking off mid sized 'balls' quite nice and easy.

And if I keep eating the radish roots we aren't even going to get to the radish stage. Also, I have eaten all the volunteer butter crunch and I don't feel the least bit guilty.

laura said...

we're going to pull up radishes today!!!! our first harvest! when i told the kids yesterday about it, their eyes were so big and smiles so wide. i can't wait. sadie is up finally and so we'll do that after she eats.

going to do a second planting of the radishes and carrots. so much to write about, i'll try not to do that here =)! when it came time to thin my spinach i just couldn't do it and so transplanted all 9 to a another square and they are i was gentle enough and didn't kill any of them. i also moved some lettuce so i have an extra set of those that i hadn't planned on. we planted some bush beans as well that i hadn't planned on because samuel wanted to grow beans. he's always sprouted them in cups and never really gets much further before they die in the cup. so he's excited. we're all excited.

thank you for all your inspiration over the years that have finally led to me doing this garden. i am not scared anymore!! that came from JUST DOING IT!!

your bread looks awesome btw!! i am still trying to get myself into the mindset of doing bread. think like bread think like bread think like bread!!! LOL!

CG said...

Well, either I make bread or my family is hungry -- er than they would be anyway. Life is simply easier when there is bread and either I make it or we don't have it. I doubled the challah recipe and braided it and it is wonderful and almost too beautiful to eat. I also forgot the gluten and it was fine.

And {{{La}}}. I love you. I am so glad you are growing some stuff. I got a book today that I already want to share with you.

Leslie said...

It is true about putting those eggs in a bowl of water to check for freshness. The air pocket in them gets larger as time goes by so any that float to the surface are too old to eat. We always use this method whenever we find unexpected caches of eggs. The children love watching the proceedings. I think we may even have this on one of our videos on the video blog.

Feast can take as much work and stamina as famine, can't it?, but at least it is more pleasurable. Enjoy all of your springtime eggs and milk!

Joe Tornatore said...

whales mating, funny.