Saturday, May 31, 2008

by and by

So, those are the potatoes (and horse apples) that you last saw us planting.
And these are those puny little transplants. We've had salads and/or greens from the garden every day I reckon.
Here are some of the bulb onions.This is how tight, and how green (and red), the lettuce grows.
This is sage that over-wintered, blooming. Magnificently beautiful. There were ladybugs and bees and ants all working it but I think they got shy of the camera.
Some difference in the strawberries!
And the black one is the little crooked goat. She's fine, although slightly crooked. That's her mom and brother and she absolutely keeps up.
And entirely gratuitously, here's the dog (ain't she the purtiest thing?)
and a pink ladyslipper growing in what 15 short years ago was a road.


annetteinalaska said...

Wow, beautiful! Nice work.

And thanks for the update on the crooked little girl. While I was prepared for any outcome, I have to admit that that picture of her nursing did sway me.

Kitt said...

What bounty! We are just starting our own wee harvest here, with a salad tonight supplemented by herbs from the garden, and a dessert of strawberries from same.

Cute dog photos are never gratuitous.

Glad the crooked kid is keeping up!

Peggy said...

Loved seeing your garden photos and reading little goat is doing so well!

Once said...

Oh, what a beautiful garden!

Shared these photos with my readers (if that's ok).

Great photos too.

~ Once

Sudiegirl said...

those are great photos, esp. the one of your dog. she's huggably sweet!