Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, sorry, I tried a couple of times to load the image and it isn't working, so
Imagine a BIG E Here

Deborah over at From Here to Eternity honored me with this award. And I am honored. I always have mixed feelings about awards and memes and the like -- they seem to have something in common with spam or those things that some people can't seem to stop forwarding to each other (and I don't care how cute they are, mostly I don't want them and I certainly don't want one every day, maybe now and then, maybe, if I really like you, a lot). Except that if I meme you, I really do do it in fun and curiosity. And if I award you, I think there is something there to award. And I truly do feel honored when someone awards me.

But best of all, sometimes I find some new blogs to read. I don't have an all that extensive blogroll and I'm really always wanting to add to it. Interesting people doing interesting things thinking interesting thoughts. So mostly I'm interested in checking out blogs SHE awarded the award to besides me! And I don't have that extensive of a blogroll, and I don't change it all that often, and sometimes I put new people on there and then they stop writing so what's up with that? Anyway, I bestow the E for Excellence aware to:




because they need to write more! And to:


because, well, I like 'em and they are each excellent in their own odd way.

Oh, and on that last post, there are trees "planted" in the back of that truck. I just thought it was a funny visual pun but my photo didn't quite catch it and frankly I had better things to do than to move the truck to a more photogenic location!


dND said...

Hi CG,

Your feeling on awards mirror mine too. They are nice to give and receive occasionally and hopefully they do bring new blogs to peoples attention.. I certainly have added new blogs to my reader from following peoples recommendations.

I do like your tree planting by the way, good carbon offsetting there!

PS I saved the award picture to my computer and then uploaded from there.

Madcap said...

Hi CG,

I've never had a sweeter kick in the rump! I'll try to put something up tomorrow.


CG said...

Well h*ll, MC, I miss you.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be. Thanks!

I wrote an update at least. And yes, that's a very nice kick in the butt.

Anonymous said...

I always used to fashion myself as a guy who doesn't give much of a shake for what others think. I more or less still do, in that I am choosy about WHOSE opinions I care about. Funny, then, that a person many miles away, whose hand I've never shook, whose hearth I've never shared, who's never shared mine, and etc - funny that this "stranger's" opinion matters in my world, many miles away.

I am very touched, and honored, flattered even.

There are few people/families keeping weblogs whose lifestyles I wish to incorporate as a model for my own family's life. I have done so with varying amounts of success.

I am having to re/un/learn a lot in a short amount of time. I feel as if I am racing a clock to re/un/learn what I need to in order to put my house on a path to increased self-suficiency.

I thank you, CG, for providing important lessons and perspective, and most importantly a model, or template to follow.

And, oh yeah - thanks again for the award! It's more an honor than the sum of its 0's and 1's in the digital aether.

CG said...

tf, you brought a tear to my eye!

XO's all around! It IS funny, isn't it, about "blog friends". I am very glad to know so many of you.