Thursday, March 06, 2008

SpringFive Meme

Monday night the low was 54. Yesterday didn't get out of the thirties all day, with a low in the 20s I think. It felt cold anyway. Today is nice and sunny and had me shedding my coat while I was still milking. Saturday it plunges again.

It is spring. All the animals are shedding. Creasies are bright green in the creeks. There are things planted in the garden and seeds germinating on top of the fridge.

So, Moonbear tagged me for the 5 wild and crazy facts meme. Well hmmmm. While I think about it, let me say she has some interesting links (well, at least her meme linked to some interesting people). I'm always feeling like the lone ranger and am always interested to find a few souls who have something in common. Although I'm pretty weird.

One. I count a lot. Sorta OCD-like except it isn't obsessive or compulsive just disorder I guess. Like when I'm milking, I count squirts. One squirt with each hand is one. I count to fifty over and over. Except sometimes I think I skip all the forties. And often my mind drifts around and comes back to the count and I don't know how I got to that number, or how many times I've been to fifty. At the same time, I can't remember numbers well. If I measure something, I have to write it down. At the barn, I have to count again, after every stall I clean, how many more I have left to do. I do not, however, count the spoons.

Two. I'm a girl who likes my thighs. Long, lean, strong, cowgirl thighs punctuated by a not too bad butt.

Three. I think a good intelligence test would be to ask whether you admire Warren Buffet or Bill Gates more, and why. Oh, that's probably not really about myself but I have been thinking about that. I think I could tell a lot about you from your answer.

Four. I'm pretty judgmental. Shouldn't be a big surprise from someone named "Contrary". It isn't my fault if you are stupid. Or fake. I don't happen to think being judgmental is such a bad thing. If people were truthful, which they are not, they are all judgmental, and the most judgmental of all are those who are quick to call you judgmental. It is like the inclusive people who are so quick to exclude the exclusive people. Other stuff likewise.

Five. I sometimes have visions pop into my head. A full blown knowing of something. Or a way to go. I heed these.

So who do I tag? Well, La first, of course. And I think Ren. And a new friend, Annette. And any other two people who'd like to play.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger, and post these rules.
2. Share 5 wild crazy facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post, and list their names, linking to them.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.
5. There should be five rules to I'm (CG) adding this one. Even though I didn't tag five people. And this isn't technically a rule. Go figure.


annetteinalaska said...

Okay smartie... done! ;-)

And I'm with ya on the counting thing, and well, I like the color of my thighs.

laura said...

alright i'm thinking over this one. it's interesting about the counting. i do that all the time. not even necessarily counting anything particular. but maybe seconds. time. i count when waiting, steps. or taking steps. sometimes when vacuuming. just counting away. i never thought that anyone else did that. i saw the movie "stranger than fiction" and noticed he did that counting thing too and i felt even stranger than stranger.

i have a litmus test for sense of humor (like your intelligence test). if you think spongebob is stupid, you have no sense of humor. or at least a very very different one than mine.

i used to try so hard to not be judgmental. i still do to a certain degree. by that i mean i try to narrow what i am judging. because sometimes the judging, for me, is just picking and not worth the energy. because i do get worked up.

and i've had those "knowings." those moments of instant insight. they have never been a way to go though. i wish they were. that would be so helpful.

alright. going to go think on this.

CG said...

Ah, good to know you count too. I guess what I find "not weird" about it is that it isn't counting to get to something, or counting to remember. It is sorta like sucking your teeth or biting your nails but not as irritating or destructive. Maybe.

I'm sure my litmus for intelligence would change. But I liked hearing that Buffet had a clue on the recession/depression and I've always hated how Gates "gives" his money away. ooops, that'll give you a clue who I think is intelligent and who isn't.

I get the picking thing too. I can certainly do that. And I try to not do it. Or to be aware that that is what I am doing. But judging is, I think, legitimately deciding between good and better, bad and worse. Decisions that must be made. And that everyone does make.

So, I'd like to hear more about your moments of knowing, and how they are not a way to go. I've learned more and more through the years what gut feelings are real and which ones aren't and what to listen to and what not to. It is perhaps the most important skill I think. Gavin deBecker (I think) called it The Gift of Fear. I know all that trouble I got into, I knew better. I knew better. I've tried to not find myself again in the position of looking back and knowing that I knew better before.

Ren said...

haha....I said "Warren Buffet" in my head at first and then I started thinking that I don't really care for either of them.

I just read this, so I'll think about my five. I'm wanting to do a rant about an unschooler that is starting a "national unschooling organization" and as the leader of such a group she is going to "certify leaders" in areas of the country, like LLL. Argh.
I'm so disgusted by all of that I can't think right now.

Anyhoo, as soon as my harsh judgements of her calm down I will try to do the meme.;)

CG said...

oh, PLEASE let me join you in the harsh judgments! LOL! I can't hardly think of anything more ridiculous. Well, I can think of a hundred other ridiculous certifications. However, I don't object to ANY that aren't government granted or required. I mean, I object to them, but people can buy into it if they want. With the government controlling things such as "organic" and "midwifery", well, that's as dangerous as them controlling "vine ripe tomato" and, well, everything else.

Chile said...

Speaking of ripe tomatoes, I harvested my first one off the previously assumed dead and frozen vine. :)

PS: I'm a counter, too. And a wee bit judgmental.

Ren said...

Well, it's definitely not governmentally run. Here's the addy if you want to get your knickers in a twist with me:

I think people believe that being used by the media somehow gives you credibility. That idea makes me cringe.

Unschoolers don't need some damn organization with a leader who gives them a reading list and approves "leaders". We've been doing it just fine without all the organization and in many ways I feel groups like that will be the undoing unschooling. The heart of unschooling is about doing it for yourself.

People should read more Holt and quit trying to organize a movement that needs to remain grassroots and free.

CG said...

Well, my .02 Ren (and I'm not visiting the url!) is that people want to BE SOMEBODY, and want to be leaders, and so organize something TO lead. People need to live their lives without being certified for them! I have so many divergent thoughts on this subject -- like how people always think it is their own vision that will get forced on other people instead of everyone getting to be THEMSELVES and so what if we disagree we can still be friends and actually learn from each other in the bargain. Anyway.

Chile, congrats on the tomato! One of the lessons of the garden is to never give up hope! Of course, the other side of that is figuring out when to dig it under and start over. A garden covers every possible life lesson.

certifiably CG!