Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So, Chile gave me this award, The Shameless Lions Writing Circle Roar for Powerful Words. What a mouthful! And what an honor too, to be thought to produce, on occasion, powerful writing. I rarely see my own writing as powerful. Oh, perhaps there are momentary flashes of brilliance, a keen observation or connection pointed out. But mostly I'm just an every day observer of my life here on the farm. And occasionally I rant on with apocalyptic eschatology. I most often feel self-conscious about the rantings. They aren't really what I'm here about, but I just don't think that people get it. Even the people who do get it, I don't feel like they get it. So thanks! It feels good.

So, I'm supposed to say three things that I think are necessary to create powerful writing. The first one is easy -- have something to say. I find that I'm often distilling when I'm writing, re-writing, asking myself, what is it I'm really trying to say here? But I find that I am interested and held in thrall by people who truly have something to say no matter how they say it -- whether it is long winded or pithy, whether it is well thought out or a ramble, whatever. I think that is true with all art. I like it when people have a way with the language, but again, how to do that runs the gamut. And third I'm choosing to say something that I don't think is powerful -- when you write about someone else.

My next obligation I'm skipping out on. And the first too actually. I should have this graphic with this post but for two things: I would have to figure out how to include it, and it is uglier than h*ll. So nevermind that. I'm also supposed to pass on the award to five more bloggers who's writing I find powerful. Well, I don't want to give out this award to the same folks I gave the last one too and I really haven't added new blogs to my regular reads lately. So part of how I'm using this award is to surf their links!

It is always a funny thing to me, who I choose to read, and who I choose to link to, and who I admire and who I don't. So anyway, I'll be having a fun time surfing and just to let you know, I appreciate all of your sidebars for something to explore on occasion. So keep them up!


eyemkmootoo said...
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Ren said...

Have you read Patti Digh's "37 days" blog? I love her writing.

CG said...

Hey, this is great -- leave your favorite blog addy here! Kmoo, you ARE brilliance defined! I have several commentors who I haven't added to the blogroll for one reason or another and I thought about putting a list of folks I don't have on the blogroll in this one . . . but I just don't have the time! So, yes folks, leave your favorites! And everybody go read kmooooooooo!

Ren said...

My faves:
Patti Digh's 37 days: http://www.37days.typepad.com/37days/

Julie Person's Two Small Birds:

Danielle Conger's Do I Contradict Myself?: http://doicontradictmyself.blogspot.com/
(though I don't think she's blogging there much right now)

Those are the faves off the top of my head. I hardly have time to read anymore....

I really should revive the Tea With Ren blog someday....yeah, someday.

Oh, and I like Kmoo's writings and ramblings too.:)

justrose said...

hey cg, congrats on the award, and merry christmas!!!!


lesle said...

Merry Christmas!

Danielle said...

CG—here's to a new year with you posting away! ;) Can't tell you how glad I am that the sabbatical didn't stick.

Ren, just fyi, though maybe you already know...most of my writing these days is happening over at my farm blog. It just speaks more to my soul.

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