Thursday, November 15, 2007

How About Them Cowgirl Boots

aka These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

aka No Foot, No Cowgirl

I’ve been working now for a couple months at the barn and my feet have been killing me. It is an amazing amount of walking to do during a day, not to mention the hauling, lifting, toting, leveraging, etc. I have a pedometer around here somewhere and I’ve been curious just how many miles an average day there is, just walking. Not counting the ladder to the loft to throw down hay.

I knew I needed boots but I don’t think I knew how badly I did. Here, on the farm at home, I can make excursions, then stand for awhile by the fire or wash dishes. There it is just slam slap solid go. What I’ve been doing is taking two or three different pairs of boots and shoes with me and changing them out when my feet hurt too badly. I’ve got my wonderful milking boots (2 pairs) that we got last year at the second hand store, and a pair of hiking boots I bought to hike the Grand Canyon in 1986, an old pair of Reeboks that are about to fall apart and really make you feel barefoot and which probably aren’t the best at the barn but which really do give my feet a rest, and a pair of biker boots husband got for me about 1991. They all have their places, and the boots at least are all good boots, but they aren’t meant for what I’m doing. And worse, they aren’t stirrup safe should I get that chance.

So I knew what I wanted. But not where to find them. I started looking. And happened upon them the other day! They are too cool. And too expensive. And I love them. And I’m hoping my feet feel better after a day of working in them. I disparage the habit of spending money on farmstead gidget gadgets but good boots, well, you can get along without just about anything else but good boots you need.

Did I mention these boots are George Straight boots? How about them cowgirls, indeed.


Anonymous said...

it's the internet, you could link to some boot photos :)

say, I thought you might like this.

Hey, You Got Something To Eat?


Woody said...

Ain't nothing like a good fitting pair of cowboy boots. I like to say that they're like wearing slippers you can kick s**t in.


Alecto said...

omg - you made me laugh coffee through my nose and right onto the keyboard - with No Foot, No Cowgirl. Yes, boots, boots that work for the job are mandatory (and I really needed that this morning, so thanks). So glad you found them. Pictures?

eyemkmootoo said...
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CG said...

my boots were made in China, mores the pity although I suppose I couldn't afford them at all if they weren't. But did cost a little less that 180. And I'm pretty easy on boots. Obviously since I have ones from so long ago still. These are sort of western paddock boots, lacers I think they call them, with little kilts. Waterproof which I figured would be good considering.

Got a pair of half chaps off eBay too. Such a consumerist. But I'm ready to ride.

eyemkmootoo said...
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Jim said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those boots.

"Feet, Start Walking!"