Friday, August 17, 2007

And the deer in the cantaloupe play

I’d like to blog something but life is a tiny bit frozen for me between dealing with things to do with my mother's situation and the heat. You just can’t do anything in this heat. And the ground is once again powder dry. I should go pick beans out of the corn. They’ve been about the only beans not eaten by deer. ‘Coons have only made a couple forays into the hard corn so far. We’ve dried basil and parched corn and finally have some tomatoes coming on for the drying. We’ve had a whole wonderful set of cantaloupe and those were squash we planted then replanted then replanted AGAIN which proves the value of persistence. We’ll have a taste of watermelon which is about all I ever want but real watermelon is like no other.

The cow is an ornery as ever. The chicks are doing well. We’ve lost a couple in the integration to the coop process but not many. Soon we’ll be whacking heads off roosters. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial for the blog on that. Then maybe I’ll actually cull the fine old hens.


Anonymous said...

I am SO ready to start culling some of our birds - and the Wife is too. She came home with a BIG pot yesterday. I know what's coming. The birds don't.

Wish us luck - it's my first real cull, though I did do a necropsy on one of our birds. It's a story I forgot to tell, but I did deflower myself re: quickly and mercifully killing one of our birds.

My heart was pounding like crazy. I knew I had it in me to do, but didn't think I'd have to do it so soon.

Cause of death: incised neck following starvation due to blocked crop

Manner of death: Accident

How Injury Occurred: Bird ingested small piece of plastic which lodged in crop's sphincter

Now YOU know.

patsy said...

i can't wait on the tutorial on killing rooster, photos please. i have never admitted i kill my surpluss. i think the fools in never, never land would hunt me down.
my sister lives in arizona was raised on a farm. she saw on a blog some dead bunnys that were to be butchered and had a FIT. i told her she had got to far from her raiseing.

Alecto said...

I must say that I am really enjoying watching the damn deer lick the fence in serious frustration because they cannot get at my cukes!!! (ha!)

Cielo Singer said...

I left some canteloupes trying to grow in the back yard, but it's kinda hard w/ no rain and I refuse to water.

Number one son is playing guitar for me while I type. The beach is wonderful but water is a little rough.

CG said...

If you want food, you don't have the option of refusing to water. And cukes, cantaloupes, tomatoes, they all need water.

A few days ago I was jealous of Alecto being at Disney, now you at the beach! Have fun friend!