Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chicks -N- Salad

This is what is going on today:

There are 100 chicks, not all ours but a cooperative effort, and that bowl is a humongous even though it doesn't look it here.


patsy said...

what breeds do you have? i see one with a black body and spot on head , that is a plymouth rock i think.
I have 114 bantams. my sister is going to take 1/2 of the pullets. we will sell or butcher the roosters.
baby chicks are great are they not?

arcolaura said...

You know, I'm getting somewhere. Too slow, maybe. But this spring I actually noticed that I could order chicks here at the Co-op. Still put it off until next year. A bit at a time, and trying not to slip back.

the Contrary Goddess said...

You are getting somewhere Laura!

These chicks are 50 straight run black sexlinks (because they -- or those crazy meat birds which I've sworn not to have again as they are Frankenstein chickens -- were free), 25 araucana pullets and 25 barred rock pullets. About 20 or so are going somewhere else when they feather out, we'll eat all the boy sexlinks, and the rest will refresh our flock. All the roosters we keep ever are araucana's or araucana crosses.