Sunday, February 11, 2007

Routine Changes

Pig & Rooster
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Maybe it was that he was only going to be part of the routine for a few more days that made me take such stark note of evening chores the other night. The "neighborhood" pig killing, which is really a family that does it, had happened already at least twice. The first time they called us to let us know NOT to bring our pig. They had like 10 of their own, too many to kill in a day even with a crew. That day they got seven of them. The next Saturday it was blowing cold and they did two but couldn't stand to do any more. This Saturday they called while I was off milking and we hurried to get things together. I'll post more later but enough to say that we are busy processing and a great deal of him is salted.

He was a good and well loved pig. He still is.

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