Thursday, October 12, 2006


So, my Dazed & Confused SIL asked me a question which was basically this: Does the universe know what we need or do we have to be specific when we put it out there?

My answer:

Well, yes.

I'm a general believer in a benevolent universe. But there are tricksters in the universal pantheon too. And sometimes what we want has to be wrested.

Now, to wrest one necessary thing is need, to feel a real need. Then the next thing is to do the magic and let it go, detachment.

But here is the caution. Sometimes the universe knows better than you what you need and don't need. So, if YOU decide you NEED a job in a TIME FRAME, you can get it. Ah, but you may not really want it after all if you get my drift.

When doing magic, it is always important to leave room for the universe to come up with a better option than you can even think of.

One thing that we've learned over and over is that there are always more choices than one can even imagine. More options. More possibilities. Sometimes we get stuck, think, what else can we do . . . and then something happens, or there is some change of perspective, or SOMETHING, and whatever was insurmountable isn't even THERE anymore.


Echo said...

What you need and what the universe thinks you need may be two different things.
Have faith and also tie the camel.

the Contrary Goddess said...

And what you think you need and what you really need may also be two different things.

I find that "faith" is what you know isn't true and believe anyway and don't have much use for it myself. I find people who don't tie the camel just too stupid to take.

But I'm contrary.

Parrothead said...

"...let it go, detachment."

Did that...Boom! 3 jobs on the table (within 24 hours), with an interview this morning and an offer before I left the building. I am employed once again.

Thank you SIL. Love you (and the whole clan) more than I have the words to say.

MizMell said...

Gracious! I still think it all has a bit more to do with patience.

I'm still working on that one!