Saturday, October 07, 2006

Full Moon Mysteries

It is cold here. No fires yet. It is supposed to warm up this coming week again and we always think we can live through a few days of chill.

I hung out clothes. Chill fingers.

But inspired cleaning goes on.

And there are mysteries. Right now everything is in the realm of infinite possibilities. But there are no coincidences. And every door that closes, one or more opens. And mean people, unethical people, immoral people, backstabbing morons with no imagination, drama queens who have never learned to take supporting instead of leading roles -- who’d want to be them anyway. I can walk away without them touching me, without needing a veil or burka of protection because they have no sway on me at all.

I think these are the secrets: one has to know what one wants/needs; one has to be able to communicate what one wants/needs so that others can understand and help (and conversely, to listen and hear what others want/need); one has to learn to not tolerate people who can’t or won’t do this (those above mentioned mean, unethical, immoral, backstabbing, moronic drama ignoramuses -- not to be judgmental or anything).

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Laura said...

Full moon does tend to highlight some mysteries...