Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogoversary & Meme

Happy Blogoversary to me, happy blogoversary to me, happy blogoversary to meme, happy blogoversary to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Honestly, I did this meme a little while ago. And it was fun. And I did all 100 at once, not 25 at a time or anything.

100 Random Things about Me

1) I still feel like a kid
2) I love country music
3) and Sunday in the ‘70s
4)I play guitar, badly
5) and sing worse
6) and long to sing really acceptably
7) I love to lay in the sun
7a) in the altogether
8) and have bright red hussy toenails
9) I don’t shave anything
9a) which makes it extra hard to find a bathing suit
9b) and there are no nude beaches in Tennessee
10) I love the way men smell when they’ve been working so much that it is difficult if not impossible to really control myself when they smell like that
11) I love the way dirt smells in the spring garden
12) and all the different manure smells on the farm, like perfume to me
13) I hate the way perfume smells, except maybe Brut or Old Spice on a freshly laundered formerly sweaty man who is taking me out to dinner after I didn’t control myself
14) I hate whiney women
15) and whiney men
16) and whiney blogs
17) and children who have no parents (by which I mean, are out of control)
18) I think all pedal pushers look ugly, period, even on Halle Berry
19) and that there is something fundamentally wrong with treating animals like they were people
20) I listen to conservative/fascist talk radio and NPR/communist public radio, both
21) blue jeans are for everyday and black jeans are formalwear
22) I love the sound of wind in the leaves of the trees, especially when there is no wind you can feel but you can see it and hear it just over there
23) and rain coming
24) I love thunderstorms
25) but really strong wind can scare me
26) I don’t believe in LD, tourettes, autism, ASD, multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, yuppie flu, those families where everyone suffers some disease or disorder, or a lot of things like that
27) mostly I think things like that are emotional and spiritual problems people are in denial about
27a) with a very few exceptions
28) I can’t believe people will put chemicals in their bodies instead of doing any healthy things
28a) like lose weight
29) I can’t believe so many women believe it when OBs tell them they will die in childbirth
29a) or that they couldn't possibly nurse!
30) I had all my children at home, thank you, and 99% of all other births could be this uncomplicated, natural
31) good nutrition would help lots of things, including all above maladies
32) I still dislike the A-list girls from high school
33) I still love most of the good old boys
33a) and the boys my mom liked are still losers
34) my husband says I have a problem with women
35) I wonder what all my female friends would say about that
36) I’ll google the names of people I’ve known through the years periodically
37) mostly because I feel warmly toward all the various people who have touched me through the years
38) although sometimes it is because I really did NOT like someone!
39) If I think enough about anyone, they will appear, in some form, in my life
40) I know things about people I couldn’t possibly know about them
41) Vibrations
42) and the fact that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior
43) There are no real mirrors in my house
44) I grew up in a house full of mirrors
45) I’ve attempted to write a couple of blog posts about that without success so far
46) Fat is disgusting
47) and fake boobs too
48) and bodies that are tootoo sculpted
49) Aussie Shepherds are the best dogs
50) I have tender feet
51) I “lost” my “virginity” twice, and maybe three times, depending on how you count it
52) My left leg is ticklish
53) My “secret” vices would be cola and magazines
54) I read the obituaries in the newspaper, even online
55) Princess Di and I were the same age
56) I covet pens and paper
57) I once held the title of Little Miss hometown
57a) and I blush when I admit it
58) I had a most privileged childhood
59) I have chosen differently as an adult
60) A group of Irish nuns used to play Tripoli in our basement
61) and drink dandelion wine my mother made
62) I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA
62a) and tutored so-called LD students
63) I dated at least two people who claimed to be Vietnam vets . . . and weren’t
64) There are so many things I have no patience for
65) I love soaking in hot water (and now that I’ve thought of that, I’m running a bath)
66) I’d rather take the stairs
67) use the ATM
68) and pay bills online
69) I always wonder if anyone really enjoys that number as it always distracts me
70) I can’t believe that other people worry about who other people are sleeping with, and what position they are doing it in
71) all the world needs now is love sweet love
72) If I have cheese and bread, I have a meal
73) and I love seafood
73a) but I’ve never tried mountain oysters
74) Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride (it is playing now, and ain’t it true)
75) I hiked the Grand Canyon
76) and rafted the Colorado River (non-motorized)
77) and rafting that river is something I dream of doing again
78) and if I had more money than I had sense, I would take all the Monty Roberts courses
79) and bake whole grain sourdough bread with a bread guru guy in California
80) I always wonder what in the hell other people eat
81) My husband is one of the smartest men anywhere
82) and we talk a lot
83) and we used to joke our first child was a late talker because he couldn’t get a word in edgewise
84) I love to spin like a whirling dervish -- outside, in the wide open
85) I love to fish, I mean, I really love it
86) and this is a huge surprise to me
87) so far, I pretty much like everything about getting older
88) except for not recognizing my reflection sometimes
89) I wanted to take auto mechanics in trade school in high school but I was too “smart” ha!
90) and I am so old that when I was in fourth grade and choosing my band instrument, I wasn’t allowed to play the drums because I am a GIRL!
91) and I am so old that there was a smoking area in my high school -- that underage students could smoke in
92) I didn’t smoke but I liked someone who did
92a) he still smokes and I still like him
93) My hair used to be short short short
94) No one who knew me when can believe I, of all people, had four kids
95) I love having four kids, and might have had more if I’d started younger
96) I am sooo pro-choice
97) I am sooo pro-gun
98) I sooo do not believe government should be defining or sanctifying marriage for anyone
98a) or paying for “art” or radio programs or frozen pizzas for the “poor”
99) The Bud Lite salutes commercials are so hilariously funny it almost makes me willing to drink Bud Light. But not quite. No Bud for me, thanks. Sam Adams Boston Lager, or Corona, or Coors, yes. Or even better, a nice burgundy, or Madiera, or one of those margaritas my neighbor Linda makes. Or the blackberry wine from Cedar Grove. Or a Mike’s Lime. Mmmm, yes, a Mike’s
100) I don’t like coming to the end.


madcapmum said...

So are those "mountain oysters" gleaned from the four-legged fold? Here we call them "prairie oysters". Of course. There's even a band by that name!

the Contrary Goddess said...

Yes! and how funny! Like that new photo by the way -- cute.

madcapmum said...

Thanks! I cropped off the grin just in case I wanted to discuss something serious. Somehow that just doesn't work with the big cheesy smile.

You diverted my attention with the seafood, and I forgot to wish you many happy returns. This is your second year, isn't it?

clairesgarden said...

I like your 100 things, especially whirling round, I love that, but have less balance and fall down

Jim said...

Happy Blogoversary Contrary Goddess!

I love your list and at least 90 of your thoughts, experiences, choices, and preferences would be on mine, except that I never graduated from college, never knew an Irish Nun, don't know who Monty Roberts is, must drink small brewery hand-crafted beers, did take auto mechanics, am ticklish everywhere, older than Princess Di would be, was never little miss anything, like mixed breed mutts best of all, and never had dandelion wine because my one attempt to make it failed.

On everything else, I think we're 100% in accord, and I might add that I love you too!

I love your competence, your outspoken contrariness and your stubborn determination to live life on your own terms.

You're a woman to be reckoned with, and Goddess knows, we all need our day of reckoning! ;~)

Here's to you CG, you're an inspiration!

Love, Jim

the Contrary Goddess said...

Gosh Jim, I'm blushing.

Alpha said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary and many more in the years to come.

CSL said...

This list is a great example of what I like most in people - quirkiness. I'm with you on the wrongness of government control of marriage and fake boobs and caring about who people are sleeping with, and the rightness of Coronas and seafood and hot baths and the smell of dirt.

But when I hear conservative radio I start to come unglued and have to turn the radio off whenever I hear George Bush's voice. Even if I have to leap out of the shower to do it. And I much prefer hounds to shepherds.

That's the beuaty of quirks, isn't it? I also believe it is a good and right thing to be opinionated about whatever your preferences are.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Yes, quirkiness is a good thing. My friend who was recently up lives in suburbia and was talking about how rigid the structure is, and we were sharing how, by the time a body lives this far out, they are already a character, odd, or perhaps better put, quirky.

Yes, quirky!