Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's Harvest

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Includes two buckets of snap peas (which were frozen), 2 1/2 gallons blueberries (from a farm a few miles down the road, of which about 2/3 were dehydrated and the rest frozen -- well, what weren't eaten), about a quart of strawberries (and this after deer damaged about 1/4 of my bed), about a gallon of blackberries (two batches of jam), green beans (we might try Seymour's method of salting these), about a baker's dozen eggs, and a cucumber. Doesn't include the dairy of course. Or the stuff that stays in the ground. Everything except the blueberries is off our place.


Joe Tornatore said...

i tasted blackberry jam for the first time last month. store bought.

the Contrary Goddess said...

What jam/jelly do you normally use?

Actually, the comment I get most often from people is, "we don't eat that much jam." Well, how do you eat your blackberries in the winter? I want to ask. If your fruit wasn't flown in from Peru, what would you eat?