Thursday, July 20, 2006


This is a view uphill at a pasture, not actually our property but absentee owned and so we use it as ours. Sort of. It is our January pasture. Not a very fertile piece but makes fine standing hay.

But the reason I posted this is that little tree in the notch of other trees in the upper left, the one that is lighter looking? Really, you can hardly see it but it is there. That's a sourwood tree in bloom. Best honey in the world is made from those, and our hills here are covered with them. They look, in the distance like that, like a tree that has its leaves turned over in the wind.

And isn't that just the prettiest, most delicate little bloom up close? Pretty leaf on that tree too.

And aren't everbearing strawberries marvelous. The Tributes have just worked very well for us. We got half Tributes and half Tristars, when, last year or year before? Anyway, all the Tristars promptly died. We're planning on making other beds with the runners from these. Will we get to it this year, or will it take another? Or two?

I picked these today (that's a bigger bowl than it looks like), got at least that many two days ago, and have at least that many twice more in this flush it looks like. You get flushes, with a few berries in between. Anyhoo, I'm really enjoying them. That bed is sort of my baby.

Well, sh*t, I had more photos to blog but blogger isn't cooperating. But these were the prettiest. One of the others was of my very worn out disk thingie on my brakes that is being replaced. The curse of being easy on brakes is that you only have one quarter of a rivett left on the brakes when they finally do get replaced.


The Pagan Temple said...

Don't feel bad about the pictures, I could never figure how to post any more than one per post. I only tried it one time, though, guess it could be Blogger was just acting up that day.

the Contrary Goddess said...

oh, I don't feel bad! LOL! That's not me at ALL! When I used picasa, there was the one photo per post thing, which I could work around but it took time and different screens being open. With blogger, sometimes it uploads fine (if slowly) and sometimes, time after time, it says it is done and then . . . nothing appears. Eventually I find something actually useful to do!

dragonfly183 said...

love the strawberries. i have ozark everbearing and they seem to stop producing berries when it gets hot reguardlees of what i do. How many plants do you think it would take to get enough for a nice batch of jam? I have over 200 plants but I never have enough berries all at once.

the Contrary Goddess said...

just freeze them as they come, then thaw to make your jam! I think this whole bed, when planted full would only hold 50, maybe 75 plants but during a flush I could make a batch of jam in one week's worth of berries. Also, not sure of the Arkansas, but there are two types of everbearings that produce differently . . . but I have trouble keeping such things straight.