Thursday, May 04, 2006

Quiet? Me?

The MadCapMum observed that I'd been "quiet". Not having a point to make at the moment, here is the update.

Last week I worked full time.

This week, I've been horsing just about every day.

I'd rather horse. Although horsing is much harder. Last night I took Betty out for what I thought would be a short little work, and she was just weird so I just kept working with her because you know, you can't stop when it isn't right. It was after dark before we came home, and I still had to unharness her and milk the cow. Today work with her went great (Tony the tiger great) and after that, I groomed my good old Duke too, and his feet aren't great so I filed them a bit and that work, let me tell you, is really strenuous. I mean, like get up from being bent over and pant strenuous. He's such a sweetie though.

We've also been working with Donkey. And planting corn. Mowed for the neighbor. Dishes. Supper. Breakfast. Cheese. Bread. Sweep the floor occassionally. Hang the laundry. Take the laundry down. Let's see, one day the in-laws were here, and one evening we enjoyed the company of another neighbor couple. I learned (finally) how to burn a CD. Husband and I have discussed all and sundry. All the stuff of life.

Remember, the most revoluntionary thing you can do is to ask yourself, "what do I want to be doing in this moment?", answer honestly, and then do it!


Joe Tornatore said...

horsing around. you have been spending too much time on my site with that pun.

madcapmum said...

When you say that you were mowing for a neighbour, were you doing custom mowing with a horse-drawn reel mower?

the Contrary Goddess said...

No reel mowers (not enough space and too many things to mow around for the horse drawn versions I've seen), but I've mowed for cash for a neighbor for a few years. Her yard the first year bought the riding mower. We use her grass to mulch with, and use the tractor to mow our front fields, again for mulch.

I have a horse drawn cycle bar mower that needs rehabbed. Maybe I can interest Betty's owner in doing that because it would take both horses to pull it.