Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sprung Spring

Well well, I certainly didn't mean to leave that audiopost on top for a whole week. But finallyfinally I have some photos downloaded, all made this week although spring has sprung even further in the past few days. Leaves on trees are considering themselves even now.

This, not really clear enough to make out, includes blueberries, peaches and pears in bloom, and maybe even an apple hidden behind the pears.

The crooked row: potatoes. Which, if you haven't yet, check out the new link in the sidebar to The Crooked Road: hillbilly music for tourists.

Birthroot trillium, not quite blooming yet.

Violets. Love those. Would love to pop that purple just a bit, or perhaps B&W the rest of the photo and color only the flowers. I saw a field of coltsfoot flowers that would have made a nice photo but didn't get there in time. Coltsfoot, if you don't know it, looks like a dandelion flower on top of an asparagus stalk.

You can just make out the purple buds of the not yet flowered out Red Bud Tree. This time of year the mountains fringes and undergrowth are magnificent with these and the white dogwoods.
And this is the cow's neck, shedding. I love how she changes colors and textures from winter to summer. The soft summer brown first appeared around her ears and has moved backward from there, so short and slick compared to the dark rough of her winter coat. Of course, that also means the flies are back, which in its turn means I rather constantly smell of vinegar and eucalyptus from the flyspray I make to use while milking her.

Too bad we don't have smellivision -- I'd give you a whiff. Of course, that is combined with the dander, the manure, the fresh hay and the rotting hay, the fresh green and the green cud. Goddess parfume!


clairesgarden said...

hope theres a nice horsey smell mixed in with that lot, great!

javaseeker said...

Welcome to spring! I think we've already jumped to summer in our bit of tennessee.

Say, my anniversary's coming up in a couple of days...I hear perfume is the thing to get her. I'll have to try some of that vinegar stuff, sounds intoxicating!

the Contrary Goddess said...

hmmm, ya know, I don't think fly spray is going to work as an aniversary present. Just a thought on my part.

And Claire, those horses rather permeate everything!

madcapmum said...

I'm surprised to see that your trees are only beginning to bud out now. I would have thought you'd be way ahead of us up here.

the Contrary Goddess said...

I would have thought that too. Many fruit trees have flowered, the tulip poplars are beginning to flower, the maples are flowered, but there aren't any "real" leaves yet -- some just starting. But give it a week. It is surprising how much green can show up. The grass is now ahead of the animals grazing it.

rm said...

Our cow is our most dramatic shedder. Her winter coat falls out in rather large patches, often beginning in late February, leaving almost bald places underneath. By now, fortunately, she's looking sleek and dairy-ish, instead of mangy!

Joe Tornatore said...

i never knew cows shed. wow, or should i say...holy cow!