Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Goes With the Territory

What would you think if a deer showed up in your garden. Not just any deer but a deer who went up to the dog and sniffed it, then proceeded to eat the rose bush? What would you think about a deer who walked up to you and sniffed you, then stood while you rubbed the beginnings of its antlers, its neck, its shoulders, then proceeded to eat the raspberries, the new ones you'd just traded for this year and that are just breaking dormancy?

Would you think it was a gift from the Gods that, if left be, would eat your entire garden and cause your family to starve, such being gifts from gods in your experience?

What would you think if a deer put his head through a loop of rope, made you answer some difficult questions, and then died?

What if this deer had spoken to you?

What if, on top of this, a old favoured book of yours was Gervaise, wherein a fawn speaks, reweaves a few pieces of the torn tapestry, then walks as a buck peaceably to what he knows is his death?

What if all this happened on Easter?

What would you think?

The Goddess's first hint: it isn't what you think. And as Deepak says, there are no coincidences. All of it has meaning.

And if you are just a teeny tiny touch insane, well, all so much the better.


clairesgarden said...

me, I am not sure
my mother, would have the deer in a pie for supper
I am glad I am not my mother

the Contrary Goddess said...

Well, eating the deer would normally BE the thing, but a deer behaving so strangely could well be sick, even if it showed no signs of sickness.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I stumbled aimlessly across the rocky landscape of the blogosphere and found my way here from Amethyst's site.

I have to say that this post is very thought provoking! I like it!