Friday, November 18, 2005


I'd just like to wish my daddy a happy birthday. He would have been 79 today. I am really glad they get to stay alive in so many ways even after they die.

I have a brother who was estranged from my father at the time of his death, and for quite a number of years beforehand. He would be horrified, I think, to think he is like our father at all and yet they both have this almost desperate need to gain the approval of my mother, a task neither one of them succeeded at; a task at which they both succeeded more than perhaps anyone else who tried but which fact she would never acknowledge to either of them.

And I am always reminded of the line in the movie Amistad: "I am the only reason my ancestors ever existed." Thus are my children. I will try always to keep the generations alive. Strange birds from strange nests that we all are.

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