Monday, November 28, 2005

On the Road Again

It's been two months and $70 dollars and as a family we are on the road again. You see, I had a wreck. I don't call it an accident because I always hear in that an attempt to escape, eschew even, responsibility. There is ALWAYS something that could have been done differently, better. And I am no exception to that rule.

So the behemouth is out of service for the time being. Because of husband's 6th sense, we had not sold our previous family vehicle, a mini-van. If it hadn't needed an axle that took a hard to find/borrow 32MM wrench to replace, we wouldn't have been home two months.

Ah, but what an enjoyable two months it has been. And what a thrill to get to go to homeschool skating today. Both.

Both sides of that coin. It was pleasant to do without. It is pleasant to indulge again. And it puts into persepective that it isn't a need to go, that going isn't something to indenture your life to, that staying home is a real positive in terms of what you can get done and the time spent together and what life without servitude looks like.

And it makes me think of the Apostle Paul's admonition, "therewith let us be content." Or as my friend Kim said, "Does anyone really consider the lilies?" (although around here that would be the goldenrod)

btw, Kim you really need a blog!


madcapmum said...

Believe me - today I'm definitely considering the "lilies"!

Two months, huh? What did that mean for your job, or was it close enough for shank's mare? Or a real mare, I suppose, it being you and all.

the Contrary Goddess said...

we had/have a working small truck so one or the other of us could go in to town on the rare occassion. Like for my two shifts of work a week during which runs pretty much all other business was conducted also. I only got the job after the wreck, a catalyst.

Joe Tornatore said...

i don't why but I always think of the movie The Color Purple when I hear the lilly saying.