Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Last Shall Be First

The one-eyed chick died this week. Sad but not surprising. Still I always did pull for the underdog, I always did take up with the outcasts.

Husband has made me a most magnificent cheese press made. Husband was always saying, “Why don’t you make some different sorts of cheeses?” to which I always replied, “I don’t have a cheese press.” So now I do. Parmesan will be first. Although it may be last too since it needs to age a long time.

As I was on my way back up the hill last night after slopping the hog, the horse had lain down under the bright waxing quarter moon. He let me lay down with him.

I have a job, very part-time, my first job in nearly 12 years, doing something I’ve never done before, not thought about aspiring to do even. Still, it’s been a kick to go in, to do something so totally new. The only thing I refused to do was intervene and coordinate. Or the violence of teaching of course. My only parameters were full shifts and no more than two days a week. My only criteria, adventure. I do not believe in coincidences and I am intrigued to see where this leads.

This weekend is my favorite event of the whole year, the Tri-State Draft Horse & Mule Sale. I’ll be working for most of the horse sale but I’m going to see the buggy sale this year which I’ve never managed to do before. Last year they had the most magnificent chuck wagon. When I was a kid the wagon train would go through and I always wanted to go on it.

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