Monday, October 24, 2005

from the Draft Sale

I didn't get a lot of photos or any good ones, but here are a few of my favorite things!

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A covered wagon. Why oh why have I always been fascinated with wanting to go on a wagon train? Last year it was a small but meticulously intricate chuck wagon. This was a simple but very nice, small covered wagon.

By the way, MadCap and you other Canadians -- they say the Canadians have ruined the wagon market with "cheap" and not well made wagons (and whatever they call all the permutations). They have nice paint jobs and ARE new, but are clunky, not graceful, not well crafted, etc. I thought that was interesting that Canadians were doing that. I thought the shoddy imports were only supposed to go the other way.

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This is Pearl, a Percheron. She put her head over her stall and flapped her lips at me each time I passed her. Of course, I'm not really in the market for a horse. Or a wagon for that matter. But if I had been, I would have asked to ride her before she came up for sale, to see. And there were two aged Belgian mares, both pregnant, that I would have looked at. Although again, why I'm always fascinated with pregnant mares . . . . I guess I'd just have a bunch, like I do children, if I could. Practicality ends up taking over, at least with the horses.

And my big old beautiful boy Belgian, he is such a delightful character! So I am not at all wanting to trade him in or anything. But I would like to ride.

It has finally rained here some. Hooray. Not enough but with every drop, I rejoice. Finally turned chilly. At work I pulled my first shift alone last night and did ok. Also got my first paycheck in 13 years. The SSA now knows I exist again with those blasted deductions they steal. Working additional jobs certainly puts some crimp in the creative time although the dance is becoming a bit smoother & more graceful.


madcapmum said...

Goodness, didn't you realize y'all were getting the seconds? ;)

We have long memories, and the beef ban is still pretty fresh...

Joe Tornatore said...

glad to see you're back on the wagon.