Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Illusion of the Hot Fudge Sundae

I was out making deliveries one day and saw a sign advertising hot fudge sundaes. I thought, oh, I could get one and a cup of coffee and just be happy. It is an icon for me as one of the things I remember Mother loving, when we’d be out together, how that was one place we’d stop and one thing we’d do together, eat that hot fudge sundae sitting in a booth for two. But I had deliveries times to meet and thought I’d catch the Shoney’s on the other side of town. And that gave me time to think -- that cake is a totally mediocre cake, the ice cream is inferior, the fudge sauce not all that good either, and the topping and cherry downright awful -- and I knew I didn’t really want that. It was seeing through the illusion of the hot fudge sundae.

So much of life is like that, fathoming through the illusions to what is real, what is important.

The rain did come. And come, and come. Not only the day I wrote about, but several days thereafter. One was a hard thunderstorm that created a crop circle in the white corn and tried to wash out the vulnerable places in the road. And filled up our cistern. Rain doesn’t really make gardening any easier but it totally makes it possible. Without it, things just sit there and wait, at best. Seeds don’t germinate.

Then the fridge decided that 50 degrees was cold enough. It took us a couple days to trouble shoot it down to the defrost cycle and fairly well determine which part was causing it. And on the bright side, it was a great way to clean out the fridge all the way to its bones.

And then, my tooth broke. Not badly, thankfully, no pain. But I was able to get into the dentist the next day and get it checked.

Oh well. I mean, it all worked out. I’m not sure what the illusions were, maybe it is an illusion to be upset, stressed out, frustrated. Just walk on.

And just walk on especially after you get home with the part to fix the darn thing, and then the old part decides it will work again. I think old Loki and Coyote are playing around here.

Instead of a hot fudge sundae, I have plans for home-made shortbread dipped in better than usual semi-sweet chocolate. We always have a place for any wandering Elijah spirit, mischievous or not.

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