Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Due Date

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Here's the washtub full of chicks! There are 22. There is one more still in the incubator that might make it. Two hatched out well but died. Two nearly hatched out and died. At least a couple more eggs cracked before the chicks died. All in all, an excellent hatching (that's out of 39 eggs incubated, and if anyone has personally had higher hatch rates in a small still air incubator, I want to know what you did exactly!).

That an egg, a single, unrefrigerated egg, has enough nutrition and magic in it to make a whole and entire chick in just 21 days is amazing to me. I know that it is good food.

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amanita shrooms

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Where does one kitten end and another begin? (Shelly, the grey and bottom black one are yours!)

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And this is the corn crop circle of a few days ago. Think I could turn a thunderstorm into an agri-tourism event? Actually, we had all these tied back up before we went to the house that evening, and the whole crop is looking good.

There are some bean beetles in the first of the green beans that have delayed that harvest a bit but they should recover. We've been going down and putting in a hour all together just pulling weeks and cleaning off beds that have finished up every evening in the hopes of having something we've never had before: a garden cleaned out in July. One quarter of the circle is looking real good as of last night. Snacking on some blueberries still, and cukes and zukes. Tied up a few of the tomato plants. Some of the onions from seed are amazing, and we have gotten garlic bulbs from spring planted garlic cloves. I should take a picture of the savoy cabbage because it is almost blue it is such a deep green, and BIG. All of the corn is planted in three sisters now.

I won't bother with all the stuff that hasn't been done! There is always that.


Joe Tornatore said...

that is the coolest mushroom I have ever seen!

Lost said...

Congratulations! Chicken mommy to 22 is pretty darn good. After the disaster last time, this must have given you a really good feeling. I'm just imagining all the fresh eggs and chicken dinners in that washtub. lol

madcapmum said...

Is "three sisters" a combination planting?

Congrats on your babies!

the Contrary Goddess said...

I'm pretty sure I'll never capture this one really on electrons, but the absolutely coolest one I've IDd is the jack-o-lantern which glows in the dark (ever so slightly as to make you think you really aren't seeing anything at all). And I've never actually found morels, which are good eaters, like my friend Harold. I've never eaten ANY shroom I've found actually.

And we're at 24 and that's probably it on the chicks. And it is pretty cool. But here's the real thing about being a failure last time, it is last time. Over. & I learned something from it. And aren't they cute? And yes, breakfast and dinners and tamales are all in that washtub.

Three sisters is combined planting corn, beans and squash, as the Indians did. It is of most use with hard corn (longer season), runner beans (can use that tall corn), and running squashes of some sort, although I've known people to do it with short season sweet corn, bush beans (or half runners, which we do also plant in the corn), and bush cukes or something. In fact, I've got a little of that going in my neighbor's garden, the one I call my demonstration garden because everyone up the holler debates what it is I'm doing and if I'll get anything out of it and why I don't put on some Sevin dust! LOL!

Anyway, we did a page a long time ago on planting three sisters and will look that up and post the link in these comments so check back for more info.

Dan Trabue said...

That's a great photo of the mushroom. It looks giant, a troll house.

the Contrary Goddess said...

I think I should call myself an arTEEST!

Plus a couple notes -- that small black kitten on the top of the pile died last night. At the moment of his passing, an egg still in the incubator )that we were actually carrying outside to empty and clean out) started peeping! It hatched and is doing well which I think makes 25 alive chicks.

And the website for the 3 sisters essay is:

madcapmum said...

Does this mean you might have a chicken with the soul of a cat? Better watch that one! :)

justrose said...

the kittens are absolutely gorgeous.

justrose said...

oh, but i just read your note! i am so sorry you lost one of them.

the Contrary Goddess said...

He was a wonderful kitten, a totally black manx, and well loved while he chose to be here. And welcome back as a chicken or whatever! We honor his spirit and commend him to the Gods!