Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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I'm 5'6", and that corn is really that tall.

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Here we pull the Gravely up the draw.


Lost said...

He is such a beautiful horse. Your corn looks good and healthy too.

madcapmum said...

I've never seen such tall corn in all my puff! Wow! It doesn't get like that in Alberta! We seem to be able to bring the horses up to Appalachian standards, but not the vegetables. I'm very impressed and awed.

the Contrary Goddess said...

I don't believe that would be Alberta vs. Appalachia, but rather just the type of corn it is. That is the Hickory King (aka Hickory Cane) white dent hard corn, and it is just that tall (12' average). Our blue corn is tasseling at about 4'.

The horse came out of Ohio I believe. He only weighs about 2000#. Husband thinks all other horses look "puny" now. When horses eat a lot of clover (and this time of year, there is clover), they slobber a lot, and when he lets go a slobber, it is a quart! Very impressive. He did that on the farrier's head the other day! Lucky he keeps his hair short.

Joe Tornatore said...

if you tell me how to grow corn that big, i'm all ears.