Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools

April 1, April Fool's. I love and have always loved April Fool's Day. Maybe because my Tarot card has often been The Fool? When I was a kid I would try so hard to fool someone, usually the "girls" who worked in my dad's drugstore. I was no good at it. Probably because I am it.

Baby #3 was due on this day which I thought hilariously funny. And it was appropriate because when I'd told her dad we were pregnant, he had laughed and laughed. When she was born, I had invited a whole housefull of people -- there was the midwife, the assistant midwife, the apprentice midwife, and two friends and their kid and our kids and it was too much even if they were all really cool people. Her birth hurt the most, I believe because there were too many people around. My sister/midwife/friend said to me, "I think you are past comfortable," which was a wonderful, welcome understatement of reality that I found great comfort in. I roared, I swear I did, and then she crowned, and was here. She didn't get named for something like five days and then her middle name took us more but she got a good name out of it. She is the easiest to get along with of any of us, and creative -- really creative in that she'll come up with not variations on things but really new things. And she talks to all the animals, plants, trees, rocks and things.

There is much I mean to record here that I don't. Like that lettuces got transplanted to the garden yesterday, about 150 of them. That things planted in the garden over a three or four week period of time all came up at the same time -- the weather and the moon both turned. That I've made a good supply of feta from milking the goat. That my daughters brought me heal all flowers the other day. The mice in the garden ate one section of peas (though not one pictured before) but husband thinks he "has their number" now -- the other peas are up. Eggs have greatly increased. We have several projects we'd like to do, like a different milking shed, a rabbit-arium (that would also serve as a chick-atarium), and a hoop house near the garden for mowers and the like.

Things are always going on, and everything is always fluid, and we try to be prepared to catch the good wind when it blows and tack in our direction even when the wind is against us.


justrose said...

what do you do about mice? do you just have kitties?

i have a pathological fear of them that goes way back, just like a girl.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Everything we can except poison. The cats stay more at the house (& kids)but we try to lure them to the garden. We interrupt (dig up) their four-lane mouse highways. We put traps in their highways. We plant the peas where they weren't last year. I have to say that it doesn't do any good to be pathological on a farm -- a body just has to deal. I'm really not fond of snakes myself. We always have snakes, which is a good thing ecologically.

A daughter just walked over here and asked who you were (seeing your photo) -- and she said, "She looks like you. Well, her hair looks like yours, when yours is down," which it almost never is. Mine only has the nice spiral curls freshly after washing and before I brush it after it is dry. I wore it down one day and a friend took a photo and I was horrified when I saw the photo -- just fuzz, wild, like some hard rocker in the 80s except even more of it. So we probably need to talk about how you do yours!