Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hillbilly Culture

Last night I got to see the Neil Simon play Rumors performed by a bunch of kids and hillbillies in community college theater.

And it was GREAT!

Ok, so it wasn’t Broadway. But it starred someone I actually know and it was really cool to see her be someone totally besides herself. Taken over. She was really good. And the star guy character, the one on who’s performance the play actually rests, was really funny. And we laughed so hard.

So, three homeschooling mommies and the rest of the cast went out afterward too. We homeschooling mommies have been talking about having a night out for a long time now but demands on our time and organizational skills get to be such that organizing and going out just for ourselves comes in last place. Finally Pear being in this play was our excuse! But last night we swore we WOULD do it again! Without excuse or reason!

But it was nice to join the rest of the cast last night to remind ourselves that we really wouldn’t be 19 again for all the world.

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