Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"Doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore."

That’s my favorite line from The Incredibles. Doubt is a luxury we can’t afford anymore.

There was a documentary done many years ago by PBS about Jessco the dancing outlaw and one of the lines in it was his brother saying, “Oh, we like to party now and then; four or five times a week.” Mind you now, Jessco and I are of the same culture and no matter how many damn yankees come here to try to improve us and teach us better, some of us, even without psychosis and with a college education still think our culture rocks. So in the best mountain tradition, we party at our house four or five times a week.

Our parties aren’t quite a raucous as Jessco’s, but we’re famous for our movie nights. Get a much anticipated video/DVD, usually on the day of its release since they are on sale cheaper that day, come home to some “party” meal (hamburgers and fries last night), pop popcorn, dim the lights in the theater/living room, and sit back and enjoy the featured presentation.

Always eyeing the previews for future excuses for parties of course.

BTW, if you haven't seen the animated short Boundin' that comes on with it, really, it is terrific; in and of itself worth the DVD. No need to suffer for your art.


alix said...

i do actually possess a copy of that Jessco White documentary...good watchin'. ;o) for all his oddity, i held a certain admiration for him for following his heart and doing what made him happy. i was impressed with his ingenuity, though not necessarily his taste!

thank you for reminding me of a very fun and laughter-laden evening i spent with a friend not seen for too long...

the Contrary Goddess said...

I love Jessco! His example has been good for me anyway.