Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Little Bit of Everything Every Day

A fortnight since OPD. We’ve had time to have an argument and take a week to get over it, and are finding a rhythm. It is most pleasant, this change, except when we get on each other’s nerves.

Time is totally different. On the sunny weekend, it seemed to be Thursday and Friday. On this overcast Tuesday, we both had to remind ourselves that it wasn’t Sunday. We’ve missed one appointment, caught by surprise in the timelessness of post-corporate life. The lengthening days are already noticeable, mostly by us being more tired and supper being later. We’ll need to switch to having a main meal in the afternoon and a snack at night at some point.

Husband and girls have made soil and seeded lots in the hothouse. Husband has dug garden beds, which even after a decade continue to improve with every year.

We’ve had another Lazarus. Broken-leg Chicken went missing, just wasn’t there one night when I went to put her up. I looked and looked around but found nothing – no sign of her, no sign of her demise. Usually there are feathers left. Two days passed and the children happened upon her stuck in a woven fence wire roll. She was thirsty, dirty, and had lost a toenail but otherwise seems fine. In the scheme of things, one chicken, especially one runt chicken like her, matters not at all . . . and yet she is possessed with all the dignity of life as anything else and we celebrate her survival, her wit, her toughness, her fortitude, her being.

I have so many things I’d like to write about – production and consumption (an economic theory from one who has never even looked at an economic text), bugs (in bulk grains), cow prosperity. Right now, even as I write this (in spurts), I’m making a seed order. This one is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds which has some great seeds at good prices with low shipping but gets a “could use improvement” mark on the ease of use of its online ordering system – it has taken me forever to navigate, we can’t put things in our shopping cart and then come back later because it is gone, etc. I’ve got an order to do after this at Italian Seed and Tool which I’m hoping against hope it will be easier.

And on the malady-of-the-day front, I seem to have a touch of sciatica. Joy. I’ve been doing the hula while doing dishes, that helps. I suppose if I were really a fan of genetics (what with an aunt with Alzheimer’s, Mother with Parkinson’s, brother with “peripheral neuropathy” [code for, we have no clue but we’ll give you drugs for it]), I would accept my fate of degenerative nerves but of course I don’t. I just go on and make cheese and refuse to give bad stuff much energy. Husband said, “We’re having lasagna tonight?” No, you idiot (meant oh so lovingly), I’m just making the CHEESE for the lasagna today. I mean, I’ve technically got plenty frozen but I thought fresh would be nice but now I’ve spent half the day making seed orders. And writing this did not slow me down a BIT! But I should still have plenty of time for cheese.

Just not for the writing. A little bit of everything every day.


justrose said...

Know that feeling of not knowing what day it is. And know all about nerves, what I understand of them, husband's job is neuro etc. etc. etc. -- when he's not getting on mine or making me wish he were! Hope you're feeling better fellow goddess


the Contrary Goddess said...

Truth is, the hula always works! I mean, it is kinda funny, washing dishes doing the hula, doing half yoga asanas (half asssss?) (especially the triangle one) in front of the wood stove. So, yeah, I'm fine. Your neuro should tell you to EAT ROSIE. I worry about you!

justrose said...

I eat! oh boy do I eat. I just go through things when I don't ....

endo has me on 1000 calories a day for my hormone thing, which I violate every single day --

getting the weight off any way I can is key. It's all monitored, really. So far my fly-by-the-seat-of-pants approach has been working -- and I promised I will blog on this soon and I will. I get a full workup of every fluid you can imagine every 3 months, as I have polycystic ovary syndrome --and actually I'm pretty healthy now, considering. Healthier than ever, actually, which is saying something. But this goes back to you and saying getting healthy is a spiritual process with a physical manifestation. That's what I see happening with me, anyway. Coming next week, I'll know more again when I go.

But your worrying means a lot to me CG. Thanks for caring dude.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Not eating is not a good thing, and I say that as a person who forgets to eat. And who gets grumpy. And worse.

And while I love our doctor, I'm real glad I don't have to see him so often, as a doctor anyway.