Thursday, February 03, 2005

Good Moon on the Rise

I meant to say Happy Groundhog’s Day yesterday since it is about my favorite holiday. Unheralded yet significant. The Quarter of the year, the time when finally you can really tell that the sun is coming back again, the shoulder that the sun now glides over to bring spring and summer, Persephone starts really looking for the way back to the surface world, the animals start birthing and the buds of the maples burst. Now no matter what winter throws at you, it can’t last for too long.

I’ve decided that Monday with the friend by any other name and the Lazarus cat incidents must be explicable by Mercury being in retrograde. Surely you’ve known one or two of those people who explain everything by Mercury being in retrograde. I have no idea if it was or not, I do not even care, Mercury was in retrograde in my world.

And may I announce my whole house is clean at once. So long as your definition of clean isn’t too whole (to paraphrase Pooh, and really, that sucks as a paraphrase -- what Pooh said was, "Good as new, so long as your new isn't too good.") The experiment resulted in the clear conclusion that cobwebs left unchecked add to the dust load of the house. It had been hypothesized that perhaps they held the dust in check by thwarting the free movement thereof. I’ve still all the cabinets except two to do, and the bathroom-not (what will be a half bath one day and for now is a catch-all). And the library could use some work. And the art table. But the cobwebs are in check and the floors have been mopped and that is darn good.

And talk about phytochemicals, I made blueberry ice cream today. It is the most magnificent shade of purple. Thanks to our friend John who brought us wild blueberries (or are they really huckleberries?) from the high balds. I think we ate all our own blueberries directly off the bushes.

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