Sunday, December 19, 2004

Walking It Out

Husband went to the dentist the other day, first time in awhile. Everything checked out great right up until the end when dentist sees a discoloration in the gum. Oh, you have to have a root canal. Yes. Or it will get worse. You could die. Bacteria in the blood, all that.

Well, he might not have said all of that, but that's what he meant. I used to go to this dentist too. I began having pretty severe TMJ problems and he told me, "It will keep getting worse until you have to have surgury so I'll just go ahead and refer you." I didn't like his answer so when it came time for my next check-up, I went to a different dentist. And I kept doing that, a different dentist every 6 months, for about two or three years. I heard all sorts of opinions about my jaw until I finally happened on a terrible dentist who happened to have the right answer for my particular problem -- a simple jaw exercise and the self-knowledge for me to quit hurting myself. I haven't had any significant problems with TMJ in 10 years.

Before husband went for his appointment, we had talked about how medically interventionist his dentist is, and how he has no room in his worldview for alternatives. So husband came away from his office already thinking of alternatives. A little research shows the possible hazards, and yes I do mean hazards, of root canals. Instead of getting rid of infection, there is every possiblity that a root canal traps and propogates infection and disease. Really serious, degenerative diseases.

So this root canal thing was a chance for us to walk out our health philosophy.

You see, since the beginning of time (which is in fact since the two of us have been together) we have been engaged in *The Contrary Goddess and Husband Show*. That is, we have always been about something. We always had dreams, goals, ideas, and the oneriness to not be disuaded. We've chosen alternatives to the status quo at every turn. We haven't done debt. We stayed home for the births. We grow our own food in better than organic fashion. We built our own house with our own hands. We look in to things and take people's example but no one's word.

So without going into interminable detail about it all, husband came up with a treatment program for himself along with the resolve to not have a root canal. His dentist won't believe it, I'm sure. Doesn't matter. When he goes back, all signs of infection will be gone and the bone will be regenerated. It is done with simple things -- a few herbs, some meditation, relieving stress, and using that tooth which he has avoided using since he was 10 years old to bite food like apples and carrots and celery. No more biting on the canines. Use it or lose it.

I get people all the time asking me how I'd treat whatever their ailment is. I wouldn't. I believe in health. We try to be aware and to address the causes, not the symptoms, although sometimes the symtoms must needs go first. Health isn't "treatment". You cannot smoke and be healthy. You cannot be fat and be healthy. You cannot be overly stressed and stay healthy. We all have to eat good nutritious food to support this life, and our food needs to eat good food too. We know what causes disease, and we know how to create health. Some people just aren't paying attention. And until they are willing to pay attention and quit smoking or lose the weight or deal with the stress or eat decent real food, no "treatment" is going to help them. Much.

Dedicated to my neighbor and my sil and her mother who have all asked me this question recently. I love you all. But you are still doomed by your choices. And I mean that in the best, most positive and loving way.

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