Saturday, November 13, 2004

Snow Boots

Got the kids all outfitted in new snow boots for this year. We managed last year to not buy any new ones but made them scrunch up their toes in their old ones (just kidding). It isn't that there is much actual snow here (although sometimes there is) but that around the (muddy) farm having warm boots that quickly slip on and off going in and out the door is a big plus for mom. I mean the CG.

It is nice to take a day out once in a while. But coming home about "rush hour" (or what passes for it in a not too big small university town about an hour from our home), gosh, I just thought, "Wow, people sit in this every day." And worse. I don't know -- doesn't anyone just stay home anymore? Yesterday it was raining which was one reason we decided to make the run. Some times of the year we ONLY go out on days it is raining and work is curtailed. We also got refractory brick against building an earth oven. And had a nice meal out.

Back on the farm the question, "Why do we need to eat cooked vegetables?" led to getting the microscope out and viewing cells. Child most interested in this is 9 yog. Reminded me of the day in the car between town errands that a question about "Why would people drink diet cokes?" led to a discussion about carbohydrates, proteins, fats, other nutrient components like vitamins, and work.

The chicken with the broken leg is doing very well, actually using her leg and standing on it although still limping. I'll probably take the popcicle and masking tape splint off sometime on the weekend. Animals are amazing in their ability to heal themselves. I've seen chickens get better who had been mauled by dogs so bad you could see their guts, and a goat (again mauled by dogs) with a hole bubbling in his windpipe get better, although he always thereafter seemed sad and was thus called Eeyore. Seeing those sorts of things on the farm, and seeing the power of nutrition on the farm too, we quite naturally believe the same to be true of us, of humans.

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