Thursday, November 25, 2004


Thanksgiving! The turkey is in the (wood fired) oven, the giblets on top. The bread crumbs and cornbread crumbs are ready for the making of the dressing. The eggs are boiled for deviled eggs but not made yet. The pies (cushaw and pecan) are done, as are the "salads" (shoepeg corn salad and brocolli salad). No jello here. The kids are mostly sleeping in, and there have been two gunshots we had to go check out to make sure they weren't poaching (today is like the biggest hunting day of the year, rifle deer season). If they ARE poaching that means we keep their deer if we can find it, and we call the law on them. We've sweet potatoes to bake and home-canned green beans to heat up and cranberries of course (I loved part in Elva's poem about the role of cranberries in the feast). We only wish our brothers and sisters were here with us.

Yesterday I did a bit more prep cleaning than I had thought I would get into. And it needs it. I'm inspired to begin in the back and go through the entire house and take out and throw away throw away throw away. I swear that we are just about the least acquisitive people I know but we still have all this stuff, mostly because we both have problems getting rid of anything at all thinking we just might be able to use that one day. And then the kids have tons of stuff. I've got to get rid of the dross. Distill. Refine. Purify.

Well, maybe that's a bit high faluting for getting rid of junk. But maybe not.


Now the feast is over. Oh, so good. Husband even picked the meat off the carcass and washed most of the dishes. Pretty darn good. Now a long weekend. Rocks to put in the road and fences to fix (almost done there and can't quite seem to get to it) and wood to cut. And maybe Yule trees to get although I don't think we've ever ever gotten one this early. Lots of good stuff. And maybe I'll start in that closet, throwing out.

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